Advanced Email Reporting System

K-12 Education Marketing provides a state of the art reporting system which offers complete information of actions taken once you have sent your emails. Every other company only provides you with information regarding which emails were opened. We have created a system that will serve you better!

Our system tracks exactly who opened, clicked, forwarded, unsubscribed or bounced emails, along with the complete information of the owner of that email address. Instead of just giving you only the information of what email was opened, our system provides you the opened Email,  School Name, First and Last name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone as well as the Date and Time when the action was completed.
The report can be filtered by School Type, State, City, or action. It can also clue you in to which days or times when your recipients are most active. These types of comprehensive reports will aid your team by providing an easy follow-up process for promising leads.

List of emails that are opened

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Advanced Email Open Report 

There is a lot more that goes into tracking than just which emails were opened. Our system gives you detailed information of who opened the email, First and Last Name, School Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and exact date and time. 

Clicked Links Reporting 

Other reporting systems are limited and behind. Our system’s Link Reporting will include all the information about the person that clicked on any link from the email which you sent.

Easy Lead Management and Follow-up

Instead of wasting time trying to locate the individual who actually opened the email, our report will be so detailed that you can start calling potential clients right away! Advance reporting will show complete client contact information along with the action that was taken (for example: email opened, clicked link, unsubscribed recipient, forwarded email, etc).

Report of Clicked Links

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